Core Co-Directors

Dr. Brian Robinson, Vice Chair for Anatomic Pathology, Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Dr. Juan Miguel MosqueraProfessor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Biospecimen and Pathology Core

The Biospecimen and Pathology Core (BPC) provides collaborating investigators with both high-quality samples and interpretative and consultative pathology services. Drs. Juan Miguel Mosquera, Brian Robinson, and Massimo Loda serve as co-directors. There are some guiding principles, which are critical to the success of this Core and allow a means of presenting the various facets of our BPC. These principles are consistent with NCI guidelines for the collection and storage of sample and best guide the BPC in meeting the needs of the SPORE program.

Specific Aims: 

AIM 1: Successful translational research requires a wide range of well-annotated human analytes, tumor organoids, mouse models, and xenografts;

AIM 2: Data generated from each sample increases its value;

AIM 3: High-quality pathology interpretation and expertise in methodology are critical to working with heterogeneous PCa samples to ensure their optimal use;

AIM 4:
 The biobank should focus first on the four SPORE Projects, the Developmental Projects, and the Projects of the Career Enhancement Awardees;

AIM 5:
 The biobank should also facilitate research by qualified investigators, regardless of their affiliation with the WCM Prostate Cancer SPORE through an established governance system;

AIM 6:
 Synergy with pre-existing programs leads to an economy of effort.


WCM Prostate SPORE Biospecimen Request:

The Biospecimen and Pathology Core collects and stores biospecimens to support successful translational research. 

Requests for specimens are made electronically through the Biospecimen Request Platform (see below) and reviewed by the Governance Committee for availability, feasibility of the proposed project, and statistical validity of the proposed methods (in consultation with the Computational Biology and Biostatistics Core). WCM SPORE investigators will have first priority for specimens. Priority will then be given to collaborative investigators of other funded PCa SPOREs, other NCI-funded projects, other peer-reviewed funded projects (e.g., DOD, foundations), followed by unfunded projects and industry collaborations. Once a project is approved and appropriate IRB approval has been obtained, the de-identified specimens are distributed from the biobank to the investigator(s).

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